Encounter 2

An escort/Messages delivery.

You get a mission from the Commandor of Camp Hali Gulch to deliver a messages to Rolain Fort.

You have to be very careful as the is a big chance for enemy scouting groups in the area.

- Leave the Camp.

- Get past a small village, if they visit the village they will find informations about small groups of: Human commandoer + 1-2 humans + 1-2 halfelfs sneaking around the town and the area from the border to the town. (4 NPCs: lvl 2, Barb, Barb, Rogue, Druid)

- when they leave the town: Spot check DC +16 See small glimt of sunlight reflected in some sort of metal(1-3 glimt depending on DC. (Can investigate whit “kiggert” if they got one).

- Get past the forest: Ambushed NPCs attack on horse: Overrun the grp. Turn around: dismount, Range attack whit heavy Crossbows If the grp get near them, mount, and overrun

Second round: Dismount, range attack w. Crossbows. Then charge the grp: melee

Get the bag where the letter is supposed to be in. Then try to flee(2x flash stone) + get to mount and flee.

Encounter 2

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